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Our Commitment

SoapSox® is much more than a brand and company… We are people, friends, family, parents, wives, husbands, and children. We want to have great success at producing and selling a quality product, however not at any cost. We think being successful and doing the right thing are not mutually exclusive. It is the mark of the greatest success.

What initiated this venture is the idea of creating a product that can meet a need and have a positive impact on families. What will sustain this company is making a product that is safe, affordable, of quality, and for a profit. We want children, parents, and grandparents to remember when they received their first SoapSox®, and the fond memories they had with it. As a company our commitment is and always will be to children and communities. As a result of our commitment, a portion of our profits will go to facilities and organizations that provide safe places for children.

So as you purchase your SoapSox® please note that our goal is not simply to turn a profit, but to have a significant, positive impact on families, and specifically the lives of children for generations to come. We can’t do it all alone, but we believe that we can do a lot more to keep children safe if we join together.