Fun Ways to Give Back in 2022

Fun Ways to Give Back in 2022

Fun Ways to Give Back in 2022

Spreading Joy where we can this Holiday Season can not only brighten someone's day, it's FUN. Here are some great ideas to help you on your way.

Spread Joy in Your Community

- Reach out to people you know with a positive text or phone call to brighten their day. This may seem very small, but don't underestimate how big of an impact this can have on someone who may be feeling lonely this holiday season.

- Help someone who is at higher risk to get groceries from the store or medications they may need. Maybe add in a special treat to make their day.

- Give a gift card or thank you card to your cashier when you purchase your groceries. Their service to the community is essential and often under-appreciated .

Donate Items You Don't Need Anymore

- Go through all of your clothes to see which ones you can donate to a local organization who provides essential items to those in need right now.

- Demand is very high right now for food items. Look through your pantry or make a trip to the store to pick up some items for your local food bank. Don't forget these items can include hand sanitizers, toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, and paper towels.

- Donate personal protective equipment to organizations in need such as hospitals and nursing homes to help keep our essential workers safe. 

Give Thanks to all the Healthcare Workers

- Participate in local gatherings that celebrate healthcare workers risking their lives to keep us all healthy.

- Have your whole family make cards to drop off or mail to your local hospital thanking them for their incredible work.

- Provide gift cards to your local hospital so doctors and nurses can oder food or coffee to be delivered to them. Many times these healthcare providers don't get time to take a break for lunch or dinner.

Create Care Packages

- Add essential items to a ziplock bag and keep them in your car. When you see someone in need, you can hand them out. Some examples include:

- Toothpaste and Toothbrush

- Deodorant

- Hand Sanitizer

- Gift Card for Food

- Bottle of Water

- Socks

A Random Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way!

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