Dive Pack

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Dive Pack

Take the SoapSox Dive Pack home today and you’ll get to play with:

 Jackson the Whale so enjoys swimming the great blue ocean all day and smiles at whoever passes by.

 Ray the Manta glides and twists across the sea floor, in search of hidden treasures to share with his friends.


Why We Love SoapSox
o  Easy for Parents
o  Fun for Kids
o  “Feed” SoapSox liquid/bar soap
o  Built-in finger pockets
o  Great for nervous bathers

Pieces: 2

Size:   5"W x 4"H x 8"L
Weight: 4 oz
Age:  All
Materials: 80% Antimicrobial Sponge 20% Polyester Terry
Care:  Machine wash, warm, tumble dry low