Flounder & Charlotte the Seal 2fer Blowout

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Flounder & Charlotte the Seal 2fer Blowout

Take the Flounder & Charlotte the Seal home today and you’ll get to play with:

Flounderlovable Disney character with a splash of SoapSox innovation that creates fun in the tub for all.

Charlotte the Seal is from the SoapSox Sea family. Charlotte loves playing around in the waves, but her favorite things to do are chase fish and sun bath on a beach.


Why We Love SoapSox

o  Easy for Parents
o  Fun for Kids
o  “Feed” SoapSox liquid/bar soap
o  Built-in finger pockets 
o  Great for nervous bathers

Pieces: 2

Size:   7"W x 4"H x 8"L
Weight: 4 oz 
Age:  All
Materials: 80% Antimicrobial Sponge and 20% Polyester Terry
Care:  Machine wash, warm, tumble dry low