Non-Profit Highlight

Non-Profit Highlight

Hillsides: Creating Lasting Change

Hillsides is a premier provider dedicated to improving the overall well-being and functioning of vulnerable children, youth, and their families. Our vision is to create lasting change in the lives of all at-risk children and youth. We provide high quality care, advocacy, and innovative services that promote safe, permanent environments where young people can thrive.

At Hillsides, we take a child's traumatic upbringing or a family’s challenging situation and turn it into an occasion to restore hope. Our logo, a pinwheel, symbolizes energy, movement, and wish fulfillment, and in some cultures is believed to be an instrument that turns obstacles into opportunities. Our logo is also filled with vibrant color, which represents the bright future that awaits those we serve.

From our inception 100 years ago in 1913, children have always come first at Hillsides. We provide comprehensive community-based and residential treatment programs to more than 7,000 at-risk children and families throughout Los Angeles County, including the San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena, Glendale, and Burbank. Our expert and experienced practitioners partner with other organizations, community agencies, and healthcare professionals to make Hillsides one of the region’s most respected and trusted organizations.

Hillsides consists of four core programs that meet our clients' needs in healing, rebuilding trust, and restoring hope: Family Resource Centers, Residential Treatment Services, Hillsides Education Center (HEC), and Youth Moving On (YMO). Through these services, families are preserved, children are protected and begin to heal from traumatic childhood experiences, students with learning or behavioral challenges enjoy new-found academic achievements, and former foster youths successfully transition to adulthood.

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Message from SoapSox® CEO, Ray Phillips:

I think about the 16 years I’ve spent at the agency and the children and staff I’ve seen come and go. Hillsides is that special kind of place, the place where you stay longer than you expect, and the kids always come back to visit. The administrators and staff put the children first; kids feel it, trust it, and it shows. In the midst of the laughs and cries, children are slowly recapturing their childhood. It’s the kind of place that you say, “If I ever can do more for this place or others like it…I will.”