Ocean Pack

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Ocean Pack

Take the SoapSox Ocean Pack home today and you’ll get to play with:

Ava the Dolphin loves to jump and splash in the sea, surfing giant waves under the warm sun with friends.

Tank the shark is curious and enjoys a traveling seeing new places. After his long trips he spends a lot of time looking for a tasty snack.

Jackson the Whale glides and twists across the sea floor, in search of hidden treasures to share with his friends.

Why families love SoapSox
o  Easy for Parents
o  Fun for Kids
o  “Feed” SoapSox liquid/bar soap
o  Built-in finger pockets
o  Great for nervous bathers

Pieces: 3

Size:   5"W x 4"H x 6"L
Weight: 4 oz each.
Age:  All
Materials: 80% Antimicrobial Sponge, 20% Polyester Terry
Care:  Machine wash, warm, tumble dry low.