624 Backers!

KickStarter, is and has been the platform for small & large companies alike to secure the capital needed to make dreams a reality.

Without Kickstarter and specifically the backers (whom I like to call dream makers), companies like SoapSox® would not have had the resources to bring our product to market. So we created a "Dream Maker” page to continue to recognize the special Kickstarter backers who believed in SoapSox® enough to chip in. This is our continued thank you for your support.

We are continuing to pay it forward by looking for people and products that make life and the world better.

To commemorate the funding of our Kickstarter campaign, we released to an elite few, the exclusive Lily the Dragon SoapSox®.

To read more about our Kickstarter project, click on the following link to access our campaign page: SoapSox Kickstarter Campaign  

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