SoapSox & Disney Baby Collaboration

SoapSox & Disney Baby Collaboration

SoapSox & Disney Baby Collaboration

NEW YORK | FEB. 14, 2016 - SoapSox® Makes a  Big Splash with Powerhouse Disney Baby at the North American International Toy Fair in New York.

This amazing collaboration gives moms and dads around the world yet another opportunity to bring home their child's favorite Disney Baby characters. This time though, they'll be recreated in a plush toy that can go from play time to bath time. 

"We here at SoapSox along with the folks at Disney Baby are truly excited about the results," says Ray Phillips, SoapSox's CEO. "By combining several of the lovable characters from Disney with a splash of SoapSox innovation, we have truly pushed ahead in the department of fun and functionality."

SoapSox® drenched the bath toy market in 2013 when it introduced its lovable 2-in-1 stuffed animal washcloths. Kids can cuddle their stuffed companions during the day and then play with them during bath time at night. 

Designed as a washcloth alternative, SoapSox® looks to increase parent-child bonding and smiles at bath time with its patented design for babies and kids. SoapSox® which comes in characters such as a Hunter the gator or Taylor the turtle or other animal has a unique entry point for liquid or bar soap that makes squeezing soap and bath time sheer fun. SoapSox® also has finger pockets for better handling, come in a variety of great colors, and are machine-washable. The exterior “skin” is made of traditional terrycloth, while the interior of a SoapSox® consists of an anti-microbial sponge which extends the life of suds.

Ray Phillips first conceptualized SoapSox® while working with children in a residential treatment facility. After finding out about a child who was scared and hadn’t bathed for a week, he noticed a stuffed animal in his hand and asked him about it. The child indicated that he didn’t want to shower because his stuffy would get wet. He then shared the idea with Alvin Uy, another dad and SoapSox was born.

SoapSox is offered at a MSRP of $12.95 and can be purchased online and at various other retailers that can be found at


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